Radon Hazards

U of T Engineering Students’ proposal for Ontario Building Code changes for Radon Gas. According to the World Health Organization, radon gas has become the second leading cause of lung cancer. In Ontario, high levels of radon can be found within Toronto’s GTA. Since there are no legal requirements in Ontario for radon testing, the current Ontario Building Code is inadequate to handle radon as a rising problem. The Canadian Environmental Law Association issued a report in November 2014 called Radon in Homes, Schools, and Workplaces: CELA Finds Legal Protections Lacking.

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Operation Rainbow

U of T Engineering Students’ proposals to safely replace the dangerous high school Rainbow Experiment. Our Clinic continued its partnership with first year engineering students at the University of Toronto participating in U of T Engineering Strategies & Practice Course, and the Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Course. Proposed by Clinic volunteer, Dr. Michael Grossman, “Operation Rainbow” is a project that seeks to resolve the safety problems surrounding the Rainbow Experiment: a laboratory experiment performed in secondary schools that identify characteristic colours produced by crystalline compounds when ignited.

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