Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Workers covered by Workplace Safety and Insurance Act have the right to claim benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Benefits can include loss of earnings benefits (also known as workers’ compensation) or healthcare coverage. The WSIB also assists with return to work and retraining. 

We provide advice for all WSIB issues but representation only in specific types of claim issues like Work Transition Services appeals as well as Occupational Disease appeals.

Work Transition Services

The WSIB expects that workers will return to work with their employers. Often, workers are expected to return too soon or are expected to perform work they are physically unable to do. We provide representation and will attend return to work meetings with the worker. In cases where the worker cannot return to work with the employer, we will assist with appeals involving retraining or if there is an argument to be made against any return to work.

Occupational Disease Appeals

Long term exposures at the workplace can result in occupational diseases. Sometimes, doing the same tasks over and over can lead to repetitive strain injuries. We represent workers with these claims.