Employment Standards


It is against the law for an employer or agency to punish or terminate workers for enforcing or trying to enforce the rights found under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). These rights include the right to receive minimum wage, overtime pay, pay stubs, sick leave, parental leave, termination pay, vacation pay, and much more.

WHSLC lawyers are available to appear at the Ontario Labour Relations Board to represent workers who have been disciplined/fired for exercising or trying to exercise their rights under the ESA. We also meet with Employment Standards Officers to help workers get their jobs back, lost wages and other remedies.

Termination Pay and Severance Pay Claims

The Employment Standards Act (ESA) requires that employers provide dismissed workers with proper notice of termination or termination pay in lieu (instead) of notice. We represent fired and laid off workers at the Ontario Labour Relations Board who have not been properly compensated by their employers.

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