PTSD Prevention

The rate of workplace fatalities and critical injuries in Ontario workplaces have worsened in recent years.

The Occupational Health And Safety Act (OHSA) requires that all traumatic accidents where fatalities and critical injuries occur in the workplace must be investigated by elected members of a Joint Health and Safety Committee, or a health and safety representative. More often than not, this process will likely require an extended involvement in a protracted investigation potentially involving the Ministry of Labour, the Police, and the Coroner. Furthermore, in these cases there is a likelihood of those investigating the injury knowing the victims; it puts these individuals at an increased risk of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Health and safety representatives and Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members play a fundamental role in the accurate and fair investigations of these tragic events. For workers exposed to a violent or unexpected death in the workplace, this grief is often prolonged. In Ontario, First Responders are currently covered by Prevention Plans to address the complex and destructive effects of PTSD.

The Workers’ Health and Safety Legal Clinic believes that all employers that have a health and safety representative or JHSC should be required to have prevention plans in place to identify the need for intervention and to ensure treatment for those exposed to traumatic workplace accidents and injuries.

We want the Ministry of Labour to make Ontario workplaces do better to keep workers’ safe and healthy.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be addressed with early detection, mandatory intervention and tailored treatment. Let’s get workers out of the darkness and help them gain access to the support they need. You can support our action by downloading the PTSD Prevention petition and flyer below. Completed petitions can be returned to the Workers’ Health and Safety Legal Clinic.

Click here to access the PTSD Prevention Petition.

Click here to access the PTSD Prevention Flyer.